Personal Journal: Death brings New Life

Original Entry Date 1/5/2016: This morning in prayer Jesus spoke to me, comforting me by exclaiming, “I have died so you may LIVE!” After this He spoke, “When something dies, new life comes forth.”
I then remembered the burnt tree stump I came across years ago while hiking (I had taken a picture of it but I can no longer find it) . It was completely scorched, blackened and looked completely dead but growing out of it were new branches and green foliage.
I then thought of how when a human, animal or even a plant or tree dies, it decays, giving nutrients to the ground for something new to grow or gives something essential for another living organism. As I am writing this God says, “This is how it is for the birth of My people.”
This brought to my mind how certain living organisms take longer to decompose than others; the process takes time. I felt God’s peace in my heart as I knew He wanted me to know that His transformation process takes time.

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