Personal Journal: The Cloud of Doubt

Original Entry Date: 8/12/2016: I love You, Lord God, I need Your tender touch! I need to hear Your sweet voice.
Before I even finished writing the last two words of that last sentence I heard God speak to me.
He showed me a vision of myself with a cloud over my mind and He asked me why I was so full of doubt. Doubt is like a cloud that covers and darkens the mind.
In the vision my mind was covered and my eyes were focused elsewhere, not on God. So He said that doubt had caused me not to see.
He reminded me that He came upon me when I was at my most hopeless. Even then I heard His call and He came to me, revealing Himself…so He asked me, ” Why do you doubt that I am here now?”
As I enter into the Holiest of Holies my soul melts within me and I am overcome by the Presence of God, Then He says, “From now on, you will be called Kings and Queens.”

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