A Quick Note From Lina

3/6/2021: Okay so God has been placing it on my heart to keep these entries in an orderly fashion because He likes things to go in a set order. I get it because some of these entries connect to each other in the perfect way that He gave them to me that I honestly did not realize until now that I am reviewing all this….it’s amazing!
I was just going through and picking what I liked best to post so that’s why it’s all over the place. I am the type where, in my opinion, things get boring when its all orderly day in day out haha….there’s a journal entry where I tell God in prayer this because He can be SO orderly (like in the creation of the Tabernacle or reading Leviticus omg!!!) It can be very BORING so I told Him what I thought but of course His way is the way it’s going to be and I’m sure I will get a revelation about it sometime lol! I trust Him, OBVI!
That is how I talk to Him, though…I know He loves me so I am going to talk to Him as my friend whom I fully trust and respect.
Things will be in “order” starting from a point in my journals that He has been pointing me to continuously. Here and there I will HAVE to post something He gives me that day or the previous sooooo tonight I’m posting what He gave me this evening because I can’t wait. Anyhow that’s what my note is about. Enjoy!

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