Personal Journal: PRAISE over Pain

Original Entry Date 3/29/2009:

(3/14/2021: Here I go again going out of order ha!! I was looking back in my prayer/praise personal journal and I want to share some of these entries with you. This one here was my first actual journal entry! I was going through a really hard time and I believe my mom told me to write praises to God every day as a way to get my mind off of whatever was bothering me. Now being some of my first entries, you will notice I am a bit fresh in my understanding of God. This is because God had yet to reveal Himself to me in His Word. I read the Bible but I didn’t have that gift of understanding the symbolism of it all, thank you, Holy Spirit!!)

I Praise You, Dear Father, for the beautiful butterflies you put before me today. You are always showing me how amazing You are; like in the power of the ocean waves at Muir Beach yesterday; Your creation. I am really in awe at how much beauty You have put in his world. I see it every day and it really helps me with this pain I feel today.

You have made my spirit very strong, You are my Healer and I know, Dear Lord, with time this pain will pass.

My faith is steadfast in You, God. Lead me the Way and remove those that will come in the way of our connection.

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