Personal Journal: Reborn And The One I Rely On

(3/19/2021: I am including two entries from my journal talk with God from WAYYYY back; they are both pretty short so I figured they could be combined.)

“Reborn” Original Entry Date 4/1/2009: I am tired today, Lord, but I know with Faith You will keep me strong and awake.
I saw another butterfly today…They are ALL coming out of their cocoons…Being Reborn, from caterpillars to butterflies, very symbolic of being reborn into Christ.

“The One I Rely On” Original Entry Date 4/27/2009: I feel so blessed to have seen the beautiful sunrise this morning! You are so powerful, Dear Lord. I feel it in the warm heat that radiates within my soul.
I truly Praise You for the comfort You give my heart each and every day. I am overcome with JoY! I know that I have found a TRUE friend in You.
A true friend that I can trust and rely on 100%. I feel safe and secure in giving You my whole being. I want You to take complete control of my life. I know that with You, I don’t have to be afraid. I trust that You will walk with me wherever I go.
I ask that you help me with communicating with people…help me to remove this wall that I feel inside of my heart. Help me, Dear Lord, to be myself in front of people. I trust fully that You will. AMEN!

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