Personal Journal Entry: A Dry Land & His Thoughts

Original Entry Date 5/16/2016 “A Dry Land”- This morning I feel a spiritual deadness inside. As I talk to God about it I hear Him echo in my mind, “Are you gonna go by how you feel?”
I respond: No, I am gonna go by my faith and hope in You!
That is when I remember that this is probably a desert experience in my walk with God.
Will I find Water in this dry land?
Yes! Lord Jesus, You refresh me and bring peace to my soul! You cause me to lie down by still waters.

Original Entry Date 5/18/2016 “His Thoughts”- Good morning, love of my life, Lord Jesus. You fill me up with such love, peace and the power of a tranquil spirit. Thank You!
Even though I am under this spiritual attack, You arm me. You remind me of who I am and proclaim to me, “I have given you the strength of many wild oxen to overcome the enemy.”
I am His and He has equipped me!
As I read my devotional this morning, I read the verse in Isaiah 55 where it talks about Gods thoughts being higher than the heavens and I hear God ask me, “How high are the heavens?”
Well, I don’t know…they are unending!
As I write this He says, “Those are My thoughts towards you.”
Also, with this verse I am reminded of my prayer for God’s glory and Praise to be higher than the heavens.

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