Personal Journal: During worship I heard him say…

Original Entry Date 2/15/2016: Yesterday, during worship at church we were singing a song of redemption and praise. I held my hands up to God and I felt so free.

I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me that the chains of bondage have been broken. We were now free to lift our hands up to God.

I then realized that those chains held me in bondage to the earth; I couldn’t raise my hands up because of the chains.

I remember being at church, when I was younger, and how awkward I felt about lifting my hands. I didn’t want to because I didn’t truly know or understand God. I was unaware that the bondage of sin (pride, lust, etc) held my hands chained to the earth.

Original Entry Date 3/13/2016: This morning at church, during worship, I heard Jesus.

I pictured Him in my mind speaking to me, “I will clean the inside of the cup and the outside as well.”

Hearing that brought tears to my eyes because I am currently working through some inner resentments that I’ve held on to my entire life.

I know that Jesus is going to help me through it . He is going to help cleanse my inside of me. The heart.

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