Daily Life Lessons: How is light created?

Thoughts About Light

Original Entry Date 12/21/2016: Lastnight as I was going to bed the thought came to my mind, “How is light created?”
This morning I woke up with the same question in my mind and I felt God speak to me that Light comes from and outside source.
I then thought of different sources of light: something that is burning causes light; the sun gives off light due to nuclear fusion; the flick of a switch lights up a bulb in a dark room.

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The Light of Our Hearts,
The Light of the World

When you think of Light in the Spiritual sense, the Light is Jesus. When He comes into our hearts He gives us that burning desire for Him & the things of God.
When we are burning for God, that is when our spiritual light is “flicked on,” burning for all to see.

Keep in the Word
Keep the Light On

30 When Jesus ·was at the table [L reclined; C the posture of a formal meal] with them, he took some bread, ·gave thanks [blessed it], ·divided [broke] it, and gave it to them [C Jesus, the guest, functions like the host in a Eucharist-like meal]. 31 And then, ·they were allowed to recognize Jesus [L their eyes were opened]. But when they saw who he was, he disappeared. 32 They said to each other, “·It felt like a fire burning in [L Didn’t our hearts burn within…?] us when Jesus talked to us on the road and ·explained [opened] the Scriptures to us.”

Notice in verse 32 that the disciples state that their hearts were set ablaze by the Words of Jesus. The is an exact picture of how Jesus speaks to us through His Word. He reveals the deep mysteries that are within His Word and our hearts are set on fire.
This is why it is SO important to be in the Word everyday, to keep the fire kindled and the Light shining.

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