Personal Journal Entry: The Mountain Top

Original Entry Date 6/7/2016: In prayer this morning, it came to my heart to pray for God to make the Mountains flat.
It was then that I felt Him speak to my soul,
“What happens when you reach the top of those Mountains?”
I immediately knew what He meant, and I smiled. To get to the top of those Mountains there is a long, strenuous trek upward that must be conquered.
But then as the ground levels out; as you’ve reached the highest peak, you turn around to take in the amazing view. And suddenly all the strain and hardship you just battled for hours upon hours is forgotten! That is how I describe the Mountain Top Experiences I have with God!
The hardships we face suck, but when we finally get up there…it’s gone and forgotten, leaving only joy and celebration in the accomplishment.
God has a purpose for all things: to build us up. What seems to be that which will break us will do no harm.

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