Personal Journal Entry: The Mark

Original Entry Date 1/17/2022: I’ve been painting and drawing a lot lately. Being in an apartment I don’t exactly have a designated studio space for creating my art so I have to be creative!
I’ve come to find that the best spot to lay my canvas flat to dry was on top of my stove! There I was, like many times before, canvas flat on top of a thick layer of butcher paper I had laid out. I had just finished the sketch for my next piece and I was sealing it in with a layer of acrylic medium.

I then heard the gentle Voice of the Holy Spirit, say to me, “The mark of the beast is not an actual ‘mark’..”
There was a pause and for some reason my heart and my spirit already knew that this was true but at the same time my mind was like , “huh?” (a good example of the carnality of our minds and why its so important to continue in the Word as a means to renew it. The spirit of God within in me already knew the truth but my mind needed to catch up. Remember the heart and mind are connected as well.)

I knew what He was talking about as I recited in my mind Revelation 13:16:

“He (the beast) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads”

The Spirit then continued by saying, “…it will be a mark made within their minds…” (mark on the forehead)…”…and the mark on the right hand represents their evil deeds.
The works of their hands ( their actions) will make evident the corruption within their mind.”

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