Daily Life Lessons: How is light created?

Thoughts About Light Original Entry Date 12/21/2016: Lastnight as I was going to bed the thought came to my mind, "How is light created?"This morning I woke up with the same question in my mind and I felt God speak to me that Light comes from and outside source. I then thought of different sources …

Personal Journal: During worship I heard him say…

Original Entry Date 2/15/2016: Yesterday, during worship at church we were singing a song of redemption and praise. I held my hands up to God and I felt so free.I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me that the chains of bondage have been broken. We were now free to lift our hands up to …

Daily Life Lessons: Guarding the Heart & the Mind

Original Entry Date 10/13/2013: While reading Philippians 4:7 two things that jump out to me (all though I have read this 100's of times, funny how that happens) are "Peace of God" and "guard your heart."As we all know, it is extremely important to guard our hearts, especially in this day and age with the …

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