Personal Journal Entry: Vision of the White Eagle

Original Entry Date 1/4/2013: As I was in prayer, The Lord gave me a vision: I see a giant, white eagle soaring through the air. It swoops down into a giant, golden yellow field landing on the arm of a solitary scarecrow.The field was glimmering with the colors of gold, red, and orange as theContinue reading “Personal Journal Entry: Vision of the White Eagle”

Personal journal: The sons of levi

Original entry date 5/10/2016: This morning as I prayed, God reminded me of the revelation He gave me last night while I was working on my Bible Study. The Bible Study is titled “The Sons of Levi.” The Sons of Levi are a representation of the Christ Followers of this age, us, the Sons ofContinue reading “Personal journal: The sons of levi”

Personal JournaL Entry: “The sun will rise” & “Revelation of the Gift”

The Sun Will Rise Original Entry Date 12/29/2015: As I Was in prayer this morning. I felt heavy with worry so I asked God, point-blank, why I hadn’t heard from Him. I do have a tendency to get distressed when there is a lapse of time in between our talks. He then gave me aContinue reading “Personal JournaL Entry: “The sun will rise” & “Revelation of the Gift””

Personal Journal: During worship I heard him say…

Original Entry Date 2/15/2016: Yesterday, during worship at church we were singing a song of redemption and praise. I held my hands up to God and I felt so free. I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me that the chains of bondage have been broken. We were now free to lift our hands upContinue reading “Personal Journal: During worship I heard him say…”

Personal Journal: Like the Summer Rain

Original Entry Date 5/5/2016: This morning as I was talking to God, He told me that my joy pours out onto people like the summer rain. I knew immediately what He meant: It is a rare type of joy. It refreshes the earth. As I write this, He reveals even more to me, “In theContinue reading “Personal Journal: Like the Summer Rain”

Personal Journal: Pouring My Heart Out Before the Throne

Original Entry Date 6/13/2021: ** note: I was honestly a bit reluctant to share this entry because of the way I felt when I wrote it. I journal to express my heart to God; when I am pained I usually don’t want to even think about Him. It’s in those times that revealing just theContinue reading “Personal Journal: Pouring My Heart Out Before the Throne”

Personal Journal Entry: A Dry Land & His Thoughts

Original Entry Date 5/16/2016 “A Dry Land”- This morning I feel a spiritual deadness inside. As I talk to God about it I hear Him echo in my mind, “Are you gonna go by how you feel?”I respond: No, I am gonna go by my faith and hope in You!That is when I remember thatContinue reading “Personal Journal Entry: A Dry Land & His Thoughts”

Personal Journal: From the Mind to the Heart

Original Entry Date 3/17/2016: All day yesterday, throughout the entire day, I heard the Lord speak to me. He was saying, “The mind and the heart are one.” I wondered in my heart why He spoke this to me and then He went on to explain that whatever goes into your mind will enter intoContinue reading “Personal Journal: From the Mind to the Heart”

Personal Journal: Darkness vs. Light

Original Entry Date 2/11/2016: Imagine being in a dark room, pitch-black, with no windows, no source of light. You wouldn’t be able to see JACK! I personally would be afraid to move in such a room because I would most likely stub a toe or slam my shin against any low-sitting furniture in that room.WhatContinue reading “Personal Journal: Darkness vs. Light”

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