Personal Journal Entry: The Stone & the Tomb

Original Entry Date 7/5/2016: 2 They found the stone rolled away from the tombLuke 24:2 NIVTweet This morning as I was waking up, I felt Gods presence. I pictured the grave and the stone rolled away. The soft and gentle voice of the Holy Spirit revealed to me that this is an image of the heart....The …

Personal journal: The sons of levi

Original entry date 5/10/2016: This morning as I prayed, God reminded me of the revelation He gave me last night while I was working on my Bible Study. The Bible Study is titled "The Sons of Levi." The Sons of Levi are a representation of the Christ Followers of this age, us, the Sons of …

Personal Journal: Darkness vs. Light

Original Entry Date 2/11/2016: Imagine being in a dark room, pitch-black, with no windows, no source of light. You wouldn't be able to see JACK! I personally would be afraid to move in such a room because I would most likely stub a toe or slam my shin against any low-sitting furniture in that room.What …

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