Personal Journal Entry: The Stone & the Tomb

Original Entry Date 7/5/2016: 2 They found the stone rolled away from the tombLuke 24:2 NIVTweet This morning as I was waking up, I felt Gods presence. I pictured the grave and the stone rolled away. The soft and gentle voice of the Holy Spirit revealed to me that this is an image of the heart....The …

Personal Journal: Looking at Myself *updated*

Note* I realized that the very next entry in my journal went along with this post so I am re-publishing with that included. Original Entry Date 3/16/2016: I was talking to God this morning about my frustrations. I've been pretty frustrated because it feels like I haven't been hearing from Him much lately. Then I …

Personal Journal: Vision of the Sheep

Original Entry Date 2/16/2016: As I talked to God this morning about all of my frustrations, He gave me a vision of a sheep walking with its shepherd. He said, "You are the sheep." Then I saw us walking up to a point where I would have to climb a steep cliff to go further. …

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