Symbolization: The depths were broken up

Original Entry Date: 10/18/2016: What is True Wisdom? Wisdom is God, it is His knowledge, it is what was and is what has always been. By Gods Wisdom, the earth was created: The Lord by wisdom founded the earth;By understanding He established the heavens;Proverbs 3:19 NKJVTweet Who was their in the beginning with God, because He, too …

Personal Journal: Like the Summer Rain

Original Entry Date 5/5/2016: This morning as I was talking to God, He told me that my joy pours out onto people like the summer rain. I knew immediately what He meant: It is a rare type of joy. It refreshes the earth.As I write this, He reveals even more to me, "In the summer …

Symbolization: When the Jezebel spirit Attacks, We are Not Defeated

Original Entry Date 1/27/2016: (leave a comment below if you've experienced this type of demonic spirit during your Walk with God) As we know, there are spirits amongst us, operating either for the Glory of God or for the schemes of satan. The Jezebel spirit is one that is under satanic operation and is sent …

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