Symbolization: A Call To Continue Rebuilding the Temple

Original Entry Date 11/6/2012: God tests our hearts, to see what is in them; is this heart true and genuine, is this heart ready for His reward? (3/8/2021: think about how gold is tested for quality and in the same instance is purified: with fire. Just like gold, God tests and purifies our hearts with …

Symbolization: The Voice of The Lord

Original Entry Date 2/25/2016: Lets read Psalms 29:7 NRSV:The voice of the Lord flashes forth flames of fire.When reading this I feel a connection between this and with Cherubim that God places as a guard over the Tree of Life:Genesis 3:24 NIV: After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of …

Symbolization: The Awakening, the Refiner’s Fire

Original Entry Date 10/30/2017: No greater love than the love of Christ Jesus. It awakens my heart from its deep sleep . It awakens my spirit from the dead. Hear me Lord. Hear my cry for You. Let me hear You again, let me feel Your presence again. Bring me back from the dead. Original …

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