Personal Journal Entry: The Mountain Top

Original Entry Date 6/7/2016: In prayer this morning, it came to my heart to pray for God to make the Mountains flat.It was then that I felt Him speak to my soul,"What happens when you reach the top of those Mountains?"I immediately knew what He meant, and I smiled. To get to the top of …

Personal Journal: What is Your Gift?

Original Entry Date 12/22/2015: The past couple Personal Journal entries have been about this mysterious gift that God was imparting over me but it wouldn't be something I'd visually see. (Read "The Gift" The hints of Ham, Shem and Ram (the animal, I believe) were given to me. (Read "More about the Gift" …

Personal Journal: More about the Gift

Original entry date 12/20/2015: "Ham, Shem and Ram" is the clue God gave to me in regards to The impartation of His gift and what this gift is exactly. Ham and Shem were the names of 2 of Noah's sons. Interesting is that Shem is in the lineage of Jesus Christ (read Luke 3:23-38) but …

Personal Journal: The Gift

Original Entry Date 12/19/2015: This morning in prayer God told me to focus my mind on the Throne and so I did. From the throne, I saw the bright light of His Glory. Knowing that I have a tendency to let my mind wander, He told me to keep my mind focused on this. He …

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