Personal Journal: From the Mind to the Heart

Original Entry Date 3/17/2016: All day yesterday, throughout the entire day, I heard the Lord speak to me. He was saying, “The mind and the heart are one.” I wondered in my heart why He spoke this to me and then He went on to explain that whatever goes into your mind will enter intoContinue reading “Personal Journal: From the Mind to the Heart”

Personal Journal: Looking at Myself *updated*

Note* I realized that the very next entry in my journal went along with this post so I am re-publishing with that included. Original Entry Date 3/16/2016: I was talking to God this morning about my frustrations. I’ve been pretty frustrated because it feels like I haven’t been hearing from Him much lately. Then IContinue reading “Personal Journal: Looking at Myself *updated*”

Personal Journal: Growing Spiritual Fruit

Original Entry Date 12/19/2016: This morning, as I was walking around outside of work, I felt God speak to me.I saw the trees and felt Him speak to me that each part of the tree was important.My eyes were set on the branches because that is where the fruit as well as the leaves grow.GodContinue reading “Personal Journal: Growing Spiritual Fruit”

Personal Journal: A Wandering Mind

Original Entry Date 5/7/2016: As I sit here in the morning my mind always begins to wander off about what exercise routine I should do that day. It is Saturday and the group ride got canceled because of “rain” but now it looks like it isn’t going to rain!!! I feel God tug at myContinue reading “Personal Journal: A Wandering Mind”

Personal Journal: The Gift

Original Entry Date 12/19/2015: This morning in prayer God told me to focus my mind on the Throne and so I did. From the throne, I saw the bright light of His Glory. Knowing that I have a tendency to let my mind wander, He told me to keep my mind focused on this. HeContinue reading “Personal Journal: The Gift”

Symbolization: The Good Soil and the Well’s of Life

Original Entry Date 6/5/2013: I was reading about a time there was a great famine and God instructed Isaac to reside in Gerar, the land of the Philistine’s along with his wife, Rebekah. As I am reading I see a very vivid connection with a parable that Christ uses in the NT. Lets read aboutContinue reading “Symbolization: The Good Soil and the Well’s of Life”

Personal Journal: A New Heart

This is probably the most amazing and most convicting conversation I’ve ever had with God, now that I am reminiscing, flipping threw these journals. It’s NEVER too late to turn to Christ Jesus. Original Entry Date 11/30/2015: This morning I heard God say to me that He was going to put me in a highContinue reading “Personal Journal: A New Heart”

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