Symbolization: He Who Stills the Roaring of the Seas

Original Entry Date: 5/21/2016: We read in the Book of Psalms how God calms the roaring of the seas which symbolizes and connects to how He will calm the turmoil of he nations. Psalms 65:4-7 NASB:Blessed is the one You choose and allow to approach You;He will dwell in Your courtyards.We will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house,Your …

Symbolization: From the Prison to Praise

Original Entry Date 6/3/2013: Sometimes we get stuck, so stuck in a funk it takes over our lives in a way where we cannot move forward (kind of like being in a truck and driving it into a giant pool of mud). I get like this at times, sometimes A LOT, and it can be …

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