Symbolization: Breaking Down the Tabernacle Part 4: The Outer Court

6/30/2021: This is the fourth entry where we will take a deeper look into the Spiritual truths that are represented by the design of God’s Holy Dwelling, the Tabernacle. It’s about time!! My apologies for such an extended delay. I honestly couldn’t come up with a better description than what I found in my TypesContinue reading “Symbolization: Breaking Down the Tabernacle Part 4: The Outer Court”

Symbolization: When We Stand Upon the Rock

Original Entry Date 1/23/2016: This is one of my favorite portions of scripture because of God’s mysteriousness but at the same time, there is a familiarity that I sense in my heart and soul as I read it! It’s as though I don’t FULLY know/understand His mysterious ways but the familiarity I feel causes meContinue reading “Symbolization: When We Stand Upon the Rock”

Symbolization: Keep Our Eyes Set on Jesus & We Will Cross on Dry Land

Original Entry Date 7/22/2014: Sometimes it just takes one verse for God to reveal His Spiritual Truths! That’s what I want to share with you. As a quick summary, at this point in the Bible, Elijah was about to be taken up to heaven so as he went from place to place the prophets ofContinue reading “Symbolization: Keep Our Eyes Set on Jesus & We Will Cross on Dry Land”

Symbolization: Moses is Called to the Mountaintop

Original Entry Date 5/27/2016: I’ve actually used this section of scripture on an older post of mine about the relation between the stone tablets (10 Commandments) and the heart. Here is the link to that in case you are interested: ( Lets begin in Exodus 24, where Moses begins his venture up to the topContinue reading “Symbolization: Moses is Called to the Mountaintop”

Symbolization: The Radiance of an Unveiled Face

Original Entry Date 10/25/2014: The relationship between Moses and God is like no other. God chose Moses to be the one to enter into His Mighty Presence while the rest of the people were strictly warned to keep far away or be struck dead by God’s wrath. Even coming as close as touching the baseContinue reading “Symbolization: The Radiance of an Unveiled Face”

Symbolization: The Golden Calf or Waiting on God?

Original Entry Date 11/27/2012: Moses has just been given the Law of the Covenant from God and now he is being sent to pass it on to the people of Israel. At the beginning of Exodus 24 God is calling Moses, Aaron, Aaron’s two sons and 70 elders to come up closer to Him. HeContinue reading “Symbolization: The Golden Calf or Waiting on God?”

Symbolization: A Kingdom of Priests Called by God

Original Entry Date 11/24/2012: At this point, God has brought Israel out of the bondage of Egypt (the World) and they are now following God through the wilderness. The Israelites are now camped out at the base of Mount Sinai and God was there on top of the mountain. Lets read Exodus 19:3-6 NIV:Then MosesContinue reading “Symbolization: A Kingdom of Priests Called by God”

Symbolization: Egypt and the Hard Labor of the World

Original Entry Date 11/19/2021: (3/13/2021: Some symbolic background that I’ve learned over the years in church, small groups, Bible Study, etc…In the Bible Egypt is a symbolic representation of the World, people of the world, worldliness, in a spiritual sense; just as those who believe in Christ Jesus are symbolically represented as Israel or “HisContinue reading “Symbolization: Egypt and the Hard Labor of the World”

Symbolization: Moses at the Well

Original Entry Date 11/18/2012: (3/9/2021: For those who do not know, there are many Types throughout the OT of Jesus…people or things that symbolize Christ Jesus. At the end of this entry I will share with you a snippet from symbols book that I love.) Moses had murdered an Egyptian, unaware that it was knownContinue reading “Symbolization: Moses at the Well”

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