Symbolization: Finding Jesus and Walking with Him

Original Entry Date 2/24/2021: Wouldn't it have been AMAZING to have been alive back in the New Testament Biblical Times and to have physically walked with Jesus?! I wouldn't have necessarily wanted to live, live back then because I enjoy the creature comforts of my home, technology, etc... BUT to have been there while He …

Symbolization: The World, the People of God and the Valley between Them

Original Entry Date 6/8/2015: Here is a brief entry note I made while reading about David and Goliath in 1 Samuel. This is a Very spiritually rich story with symbolism that connects to the coming of Christ and I do believe the very end of the world. In today's entry we will not dissect all …

Symbolization: Moses is Called to the Mountaintop

Original Entry Date 5/27/2016: I've actually used this section of scripture on an older post of mine about the relation between the stone tablets (10 Commandments) and the heart. Here is the link to that in case you are interested: ( Lets begin in Exodus 24, where Moses begins his venture up to the top …

Symbolization: The Golden Calf or Waiting on God?

Original Entry Date 11/27/2012: Moses has just been given the Law of the Covenant from God and now he is being sent to pass it on to the people of Israel. At the beginning of Exodus 24 God is calling Moses, Aaron, Aaron's two sons and 70 elders to come up closer to Him. He …

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