Personal Journal: I Just Want to Thank You, God

4/22/2021: Thank You, Father God, for these artistic talents that You have given me, the skill to draw, to paint, and the gift of my photographic eye.I want to use these special skills for You. I use my photographs to share Your Word. Pictures of Your creation; You spoke and by Your Word all of …

Symbolization: The Golden Calf or Waiting on God?

Original Entry Date 11/27/2012: Moses has just been given the Law of the Covenant from God and now he is being sent to pass it on to the people of Israel. At the beginning of Exodus 24 God is calling Moses, Aaron, Aaron's two sons and 70 elders to come up closer to Him. He …

Personal Journal: PRAISE over Pain

Original Entry Date 3/29/2009: (3/14/2021: Here I go again going out of order ha!! I was looking back in my prayer/praise personal journal and I want to share some of these entries with you. This one here was my first actual journal entry! I was going through a really hard time and I believe my …

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