Personal Journal: I Need You More Than Water

Original Entry 3/31/2010: I love You, Lord, You fill this void that I have inside. I need You more than the body needs water. I am desperate for You, I thirst to be held by You. Take me up into Your hands and let me shed these tears I’ve held.What are these tears? Are theyContinue reading “Personal Journal: I Need You More Than Water”

Symbolization: Heart and Mind

Original Entry Date 12/14/2012: (revised 3/30/2021): My original entry was rather short and as I read I, of course realized that some background would be needed.  We will be reading about King Uzziah who was king of Judah at the time. He sought to obey God and he prospered greatly because it: 2 Chronicles 26:3-5Continue reading “Symbolization: Heart and Mind”

Personal Journal: Entries of Hope and Gratitude

Original Entry Date 5/1/2009: I ask You, Father, to bring true love into my life. Give me patience as I wait. Original Entry Date 5/5/2009: I praise You, Lord Father, for the wonderful family You have given me. They are s loving, caring, and hilarious; such a true blessing to me each and every day.Continue reading “Personal Journal: Entries of Hope and Gratitude”

Personal Journal: Reborn And The One I Rely On

(3/19/2021: I am including two entries from my journal talk with God from WAYYYY back; they are both pretty short so I figured they could be combined.) “Reborn” Original Entry Date 4/1/2009: I am tired today, Lord, but I know with Faith You will keep me strong and awake. I saw another butterfly today…They areContinue reading “Personal Journal: Reborn And The One I Rely On”

Personal Journal: PRAISE over Pain

Original Entry Date 3/29/2009: (3/14/2021: Here I go again going out of order ha!! I was looking back in my prayer/praise personal journal and I want to share some of these entries with you. This one here was my first actual journal entry! I was going through a really hard time and I believe myContinue reading “Personal Journal: PRAISE over Pain”

Personal Journal: Hannah’s Prayer & Spiritual Barrenness

Original Entry Date 5/1/2016: As I am reading 1 Samuel 2 (Hannah’s Triumphant Prayer) I am struck by the commentary for verse 1. In verse 1 (KJV) we read: And Hannah prayed, and said, My heart rejoiceth in the Lord, mine horn is exalted in the Lord: my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies; becauseContinue reading “Personal Journal: Hannah’s Prayer & Spiritual Barrenness”

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