Symbolization: Bringing Heaven to Earth

Original Entry Date 1/3/2016: After reading the letters to the 7 churches In Revelation we come to Revelation 4. This chapter begins with John's vision of Heaven and entering the Throne Room. With this vision comes a connection with Jesus's prayer in Matthew. Revelation 4:1-6 NIV:After this I looked, and there before me was a …

After thought: Along the Banks of the River

Today 2/24/2021: After posting my last entry I was thinking about how vague my response was to God when He asked "Can you cross?" in the 2/1/2016 entry.And then I ran across an entry I wrote about Joshua 20 and the cities of refuge. I will share a portion of it which really struck me: …

Personal Journal: Along the Banks of the River

Today, I was flipping through my journals and I found several entries I had made that connected to a dream I had several years prior. In this entry I am going to include a description of the dream along with each one of those journal entries. The Dream-Original Entry Date 2/10/2013:I and a close female …

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