Personal Journal: Raining Manna

Original Entry date 11/26/2015: Thank You, Lord God, for Your love, mercy, and grace. I heard You speak to me this morning. You said that You will rain Your Spirit down from Heaven just as You rained manna down from Heaven for the Israelites. So here is the timeline: You rain manna down so IsraelContinue reading “Personal Journal: Raining Manna”

Personal Journal: Stars in the Sky

Original Entry Date 12/16/2015: Praying to God this morning and we were talking about a previous conversation we had about God raining His Spirit down upon the earth like rain. ( When it rains the hills turn green; green symbolizes Life; The Spirit gives Life.He then went on to say, “My Spirit gives Light likeContinue reading “Personal Journal: Stars in the Sky”

Personal Journal: Let’s Talk About the Rain

Original Entry Date 11/8/2015: (4/1/2021: Here I am back to jumping around a bit. There are just some things in my journal that I want to share. I am going to do my best to keep it together and orderly though.)I was praying and God was talking to me about how to handle guilt andContinue reading “Personal Journal: Let’s Talk About the Rain”

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