Personal Journal Entry: The Stone & the Tomb

Original Entry Date 7/5/2016: 2 They found the stone rolled away from the tombLuke 24:2 NIVTweet This morning as I was waking up, I felt Gods presence. I pictured the grave and the stone rolled away. The soft and gentle voice of the Holy Spirit revealed to me that this is an image of the heart....The …

Symbolization: Speak to the Rock

Original Entry Date 12/1/2015: There are two instances in the books of Moses where water is made to flow from a Rock. God's purpose for this was to quench the thirst of His people, Israel, as well as give glory to His Name. Let's look at both passages, specifically examining the command God gives Moses …

Symbolization: The depths were broken up

Original Entry Date: 10/18/2016: What is True Wisdom? Wisdom is God, it is His knowledge, it is what was and is what has always been. By Gods Wisdom, the earth was created: The Lord by wisdom founded the earth;By understanding He established the heavens;Proverbs 3:19 NKJVTweet Who was their in the beginning with God, because He, too …

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