Symbolization: Speak to the Rock

Original Entry Date 12/1/2015: There are two instances in the books of Moses where water is made to flow from a Rock. God's purpose for this was to quench the thirst of His people, Israel, as well as give glory to His Name. Let's look at both passages, specifically examining the command God gives Moses …

Symbolization: Solomon Builds the Temple

Original Entry Date 6/10/2014: All through the Old Testament, we read about great Leaders used by God in powerful ways, such as Moses, David, Solomon, and many more. Many times we can connect the character and acts/events of these people to Jesus, Himself. This can be a reflection of Christ's character, a miracle performed, or …

Symbolization: Breaking Down the Tabernacle part 1- The Ark of the Testimony

Follow Baptize My Heart Lord on 3/24/2021: Welcome to the first entry that I will be sharing with you in regards to the spiritual truths of God's plan of redemption that can be found, hidden in the articulate design of His Dwelling place; The Tabernacle. It's a good idea to review the Intro Post …

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