Symbolization: Solomon Builds the Temple

Original Entry Date 6/10/2014: All through the Old Testament, we read about great Leaders used by God in powerful ways, such as Moses, David, Solomon, and many more. Many times we can connect the character and acts/events of these people to Jesus, Himself. This can be a reflection of Christ's character, a miracle performed, or …

Symbolization: Egypt and the Hard Labor of the World

Original Entry Date 11/19/2021: (3/13/2021: Some symbolic background that I've learned over the years in church, small groups, Bible Study, etc...In the Bible Egypt is a symbolic representation of the World, people of the world, worldliness, in a spiritual sense; just as those who believe in Christ Jesus are symbolically represented as Israel or "His …

Symbolization: A Great Catch in Deep Waters

As I notated yesterday in a separate note posting, I am going to post my journal, prayers, reading notes in chronological order. I know you will see some of the very interesting connections from one entry to the next or even sometimes they come months later. Even as I'm reviewing this now, He is giving …

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