Prayer: Solomon Prays for Wisdom

The True Riches of God's Wisdom To have God's Wisdom is much greater than all the riches of the world. Let's pray for God's Wisdom today just like Solomon did in the following scripture. A key thing to note is that Solomon went to God in prayer with a true, humble heart: Solomon Requests Wisdom3 Now Solomon …

Symbolization: The depths were broken up

Original Entry Date: 10/18/2016: What is True Wisdom? Wisdom is God, it is His knowledge, it is what was and is what has always been. By Gods Wisdom, the earth was created: The Lord by wisdom founded the earth;By understanding He established the heavens;Proverbs 3:19 NKJVTweet Who was their in the beginning with God, because He, too …

Personal Journal: What is Your Gift?

Original Entry Date 12/22/2015: The past couple Personal Journal entries have been about this mysterious gift that God was imparting over me but it wouldn't be something I'd visually see. (Read "The Gift" The hints of Ham, Shem and Ram (the animal, I believe) were given to me. (Read "More about the Gift" …

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