Personal Journal: Entries of Hope and Gratitude

Original Entry Date 5/1/2009: I ask You, Father, to bring true love into my life. Give me patience as I wait.

Original Entry Date 5/5/2009: I praise You, Lord Father, for the wonderful family You have given me. They are s loving, caring, and hilarious; such a true blessing to me each and every day.

Original Entry Date 5/7/2009: Thank You. My Father, for Your Son and Your Spirit that has made me the person that I am these days.
I praise You for allowing me to open up to people.
I praise You, Lord, for the beauty I now see in this world. The beautiful animals; each one is special in their own way.
I praise You, Lord, for the patience You bring to my heart. I hold myself high in Your Name, Jehovah Nissi! I desire to speak more of You, my dear Father.

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