Personal JournaL Entry: “The sun will rise” & “Revelation of the Gift”

The Sun Will Rise

Original Entry Date 12/29/2015: As I Was in prayer this morning. I felt heavy with worry so I asked God, point-blank, why I hadn’t heard from Him. I do have a tendency to get distressed when there is a lapse of time in between our talks.

He then gave me a vision of the sun hovering around the face of the earth and He said to me, “I Am the sun, you are a part of the earth. What does the sun do? Imagine my people as being pieces of the earth…What does the sun do?”

I answered, “It rises and it sets.”

He then asked me, “Where does it go when it sets?”

I said, “To other parts of the earth.”

And, He then said that this would truly be confirmed to me by the Word.

Revelation of the Gift

Original entry date 12/30/2015:

NOTE: for a better understanding you will need to read the following three journal entries in this specific order –
1. “The Gift”

2. “More about the gift”

3. “What is your gift?

While I talked to God this morning, He spoke to me… Well, actually it all began the prior evening while I was driving home.

I heard Him say to me that I was His prophet. I thought that maybe I was just imagining it for a moment but He continued to say it even into the next day. As an added bonus, that morning, His Spirit overcame me and took over my mouth as I repeated over and over, ” I am the Trumpet sounding as we march before the Ark.”
I understood finally, this WAS the gift (note: remember Ram from one of the previous entries? What was used by the priests as a trumpet to blast before the Ark?

A rams horn.)

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