Personal JournaL Entry: “The sun will rise” & “Revelation of the Gift”

The Sun Will Rise

Original Entry Date 12/29/2015: As I Was in prayer this morning. I felt heavy with worry so I asked God, point-blank, why I hadn’t heard from Him. I do have a tendency to get distressed when there is a lapse of time in between our talks.

He then gave me a vision of the sun hovering around the face of the earth and He said to me, “I Am the sun, you are a part of the earth. What does the sun do? Imagine my people as being pieces of the earth…What does the sun do?”

I answered, “It rises and it sets.”

He then asked me, “Where does it go when it sets?”

I said, “To other parts of the earth.”

And, He then said that this would truly be confirmed to me by the Word.

Revelation of the Gift

Original entry date 12/30/2015:

NOTE: for a better understanding you will need to read the following three journal entries in this specific order –
1. “The Gift”

2. “More about the gift”

3. “What is your gift?

While I talked to God this morning, He spoke to me… Well, actually it all began the prior evening while I was driving home.

I heard Him say to me that I was His prophet. I thought that maybe I was just imagining it for a moment but He continued to say it even into the next day. As an added bonus, that morning, His Spirit overcame me and took over my mouth as I repeated over and over, ” I am the Trumpet sounding as we march before the Ark.”
I understood finally, this WAS the gift (note: remember Ram from one of the previous entries? What was used by the priests as a trumpet to blast before the Ark?

A rams horn.)

Author: Lina

I am a gal who lives in the Bay Area, CA. This site is not meant to be about me but rather it is about what God has shown and continues to show me in His Word and when I am in prayer with Him. I hope these entries inspire you to seek His Face, He desires you to do so and even if you don't think is also what your heart and soul have longed for since birth. Over the years I wrote down every sort of spiritual revelation that would pop out at me when reading the Bible. I thought to myself, "what do you want me to d with all this, Lord?" That's when it hit me! Why not start a blog and put everything He has given you on there. And so I did.

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