Personal Journal: A Wandering Mind

Original Entry Date 5/7/2016: As I sit here in the morning my mind always begins to wander off about what exercise routine I should do that day. It is Saturday and the group ride got canceled because of “rain” but now it looks like it isn’t going to rain!!! I feel God tug at myContinue reading “Personal Journal: A Wandering Mind”

Personal Journal: The Leaves

Original Entry Date 4/28/2009: Oh Lord, my heart will sometimes fill with worry but I praise You for draining my heart of it. Filling it with joy and happiness. I love the beauty of the leaves at this time of year, Dear Father! Each one is so unique with its own tone of green, red,Continue reading “Personal Journal: The Leaves”

Personal Journal: Reborn And The One I Rely On

(3/19/2021: I am including two entries from my journal talk with God from WAYYYY back; they are both pretty short so I figured they could be combined.) “Reborn” Original Entry Date 4/1/2009: I am tired today, Lord, but I know with Faith You will keep me strong and awake. I saw another butterfly today…They areContinue reading “Personal Journal: Reborn And The One I Rely On”

Personal Journal: PRAISE over Pain

Original Entry Date 3/29/2009: (3/14/2021: Here I go again going out of order ha!! I was looking back in my prayer/praise personal journal and I want to share some of these entries with you. This one here was my first actual journal entry! I was going through a really hard time and I believe myContinue reading “Personal Journal: PRAISE over Pain”

Symbolization: The Awakening, the Refiner’s Fire

Original Entry Date 10/30/2017: No greater love than the love of Christ Jesus. It awakens my heart from its deep sleep . It awakens my spirit from the dead. Hear me Lord. Hear my cry for You. Let me hear You again, let me feel Your presence again. Bring me back from the dead. OriginalContinue reading “Symbolization: The Awakening, the Refiner’s Fire”

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